Boerewors is the go to sausage in South African’s Braai (grilling) cuisine.

The name is the Afrikaans word farmer’s sausage.

However no one in the country would know what you were talking about if you referred to it as a farmer’s sausage.

It is just Boerewors like Champaign an original. Accept no substitutes !

Living in the USA I have to make my own. Not a bad thing as Boerewors is not too hard to do.


Mac n’ Cheese Bun Burger

OKAY this is AWESOME!!!!

The Vulgar Chef

Macaroni and Cheese stuffed inside some bread, used as buns for a burger…or whatever you might fancy. Just eat these shits by themselves I don’t give a flying fuck.


I went with some microwavable mac n’ cheese because I wasn’t about to make a huge pot just to stuff some shitty bread.

Theres a few tedious steps to create these shits so pay attention.

FIRST you’re going to want to flatten the bread and trim off the crust. This has turned into my signature bread move lately. Really changes up the bread game


Next, plop on a decent size pile of mac n’ cheese. You don’t really need a lot here. You’re going to want some room in there so its not busting out the sides playboy.


Next, take some butter or some egg wash, and give the edges a quick brush. I went with butter, egg wash probably would…

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Boiled Water Soup

This is a great lunch to make if you, like me, are a broke foodie.
Ingredients are garlic, bay leaf, water, salt & freshly ground pepper.

I had two tomatoes that were about to become overripe so used those too.

Method: crush the garlic chop up the tomatoes, add all ingredients to 4 cups of water. This you bring to a boil then simmer for 15 minutes.

Finish up with toast or crusty bread if you have it, and freshly grated Parmesan cheese. I buy my cheese from Costco and it lasts forever.